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The Amb-OS Satellite system

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Full details are available at the
Amb-OS web site

The list of all the programs available
(from over 50 ministries)
can be found here

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We suggest using FTP client software,
such as the free FileZilla   (instructions)
software for Windows, Intel-Mac, or Linux.

Mac users can also use Finder's "Connect to server"

An alternative for Windows users is to set up a
network place for the site.

Complete information on the Focus programs is available at the Ambassador Advertising web site.

We also invite you to visit the Focus on the Family web site.

For technical questions, you can contact the satellite department by email or phone 719-548-4677.

MP2 format (mpeg1 layer II)
We use the mp2 audio format on our FTP site. It is the professional standard,
provides the highest quality, and is free from licensing issues (ie costs).
Free audio converters:
NEW Download our own converter mp2towav.exe -- it's as simple as drag-n-drop
(to install, just Save the file to your desktop)
or the Switch converter
or DBpowerAmp (which may not be free any more)

Attention Techies....(engineers and such)

A great resource for technical questions is the following email forum:
Christian Radio TECH