FileZilla Download

Go to FileZila Client Download page and download the file for your platform (operating system).

FileZilla Installation

Run (double-click on) the FileZilla_X_X_X_setup.exe file on your disk.
If you get a security warning, click Run.
Have your lawyer read the incredibly long License Agreement, or since it is the GNU general public license, just agree. In the Choose Components window I suggest UN-checking:
- Additional Languages (unless you want another language)
- Start Menu Shortcut
- Debug Files (takes up 7Mb disk space)
Use the default Install Location in Program Files
Use the default Start Menu Folder
Use the default General settings - or change if you want
Click Install.
This should leave a FileZilla (FZ) shortcut on your desktop.

FileZilla Configuration and Use

Set up a login for a site
File menu -> Site Manager (or the first logo in the tool bar)
Click New Site
Above in the left-hand window, change the name (New FTPsite) to something meaningful
Fill in Host (eg
Under Login type, click Normal
Fill in User and Password (leave Account blank)
Click Save and Exit or Connect (which will also save the data)
Other Settings: File menu -> Settings
Connection page
Keep alive - disable (uncheck)
Retry Settings -- wait 15 seconds between retries
Firewall settings
Passive Mode - checked
File transfer settings
Use Multiple connections - checked is ok, but limit to 2 files at the same time
Logging in
Site Manager icon on toolbar (icon at left side)
or File menu -> Site Manager
then double-click on the site to log into
or click the tiny arrow just to the right of the Site Manager icon
then click the site to log into

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