Using FTP as a Network Place

It is fairly easy to add the FTP site as a "Network Place".
And it's a whole lot easier and more reliable than using internet explorer.

First, start up the Add Network Place wizard:

Skip the first screen of the "Add Network Place/Location" wizard.
Then choose "Choose another network location"
For the "Internet or network address" enter the following:


replace [login] with your login and [password] with your password
Then hit Next, change the name of the network place if you want, Next again, and Finish.

Then, whenever you want to go to our site, just open that item in...
"My Network Places" (XP)
"Computer" / "Network Locations" (Vista - 7)
In (10) press Windows key + e, then click on "This PC".
and drag or copy files to your local disk.

You can also create a shortcut on your desktop to the Network place/location.