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Amb-OS DesigProgram NameRuntimeMinistryQueuedAir days
FOTF_AEO1_03ptAventuras en Odesia (Odyssey Spanish)25:30Focus on the Family00:11 4sat
FOTF_AOP1Aventuras en Odesia promo (Odyssey Spanish)00:13Focus on the Family00:11 4sat
ROHX_ANC5Aviva Nuestros Corazones (ROH)28:00Revive our Hearts15:06 3mon-fri
ROHX_ANP5Aviva Nuestros Corazones Promo (ROH)00:30Revive our Hearts15:00 3irregular
FOTF_PISWConectados (Plugged in Spanish)01:00Focus on the Family18:57 1fri
UNSH_DES1Desencadenados Sunday30:00Unshackled16:02 3sun
LWFM_LWS1El Amor Que Vale (LWF) Weekend25:00Love Worth Finding07:05 3sat
LWFM_LWS5El Amor Que Vale (LWF) Daily25:00Love Worth Finding07:01 3mon-fri
ITM__ITS5En Contacto (In Touch) Daily24:30In Touch00:45 3mon-fri
FOTF_EAF5Enfoque a la Familia14:30Focus on the Family16:30 3mon-fri
FOTF_ECM5Enfoque 60-sec comentario01:00Focus on the Family06:30 3mon-fri
GTYX_GAV5Gracia a Vosotros (GTY Spanish)28:41Grace to You08:16 3mon-fri
JAFX_JYA5Joni Y Amigos (Spanish)01:00Joni and Friends21:00 6mon-fri
SALV_LATWLatido01:00Salvation Army21:00 6mon
TRNP_TMD5Momento Decisivo Daily28:30Turning Point21:03 4mon-fri
ODBM_NPD7Nuestro Pan Diario (ODB)02:00Our Daily Bread14:00 37 days
SALV_MPV1Palabras de Vida15:00Salvation Army21:18 4sat
LIGM_RTMWRenovando Tu Mente Weekly26:25Ligonier Ministries21:07 4mon
ITM__SOM5Solo un Minuto (Spanish)01:00In Touch13:00 5mon-fri
TRNP_RS65Su Minuto en la Biblia (Spanish)01:00Turning Point21:00 37 days
FAMX_VFH5Vida en Familia Hoy (FAM Spanish)14:30Family Life Today12:00 3mon-fri
IFLM_VPV1Vision Para Vivir Weekend27:30Insight for Living13:00 5sat
IFLM_VPV5Vision Para Vivir Daily NC27:30Insight for Living12:30 3mon-fri
IFLM_VIV5Vivencias Daily Short Feature01:00Insight for Living12:30 3mon-fri